Growl Port Forwarding CENTOS


I’m very green when it comes to networking.

I’m using a PHP wrapper to send growl notifications to my computer on my small business network. Everything seems to be working fine on that end (no errors, etc…).

My problem is that it is supposedly sending traffic on UDP port 9887. I logged into my comcast gateway firewall and forwarded the UDP port 9887 to my workstation (MacBook Pro).

The notifications aren’t working and I wanted to double check and see if there was something I am supposed to do on the server sending the notifications. Do I need to open up a port there to send OUT traffic?


That will depend completely on your firewall on your server - Linux based or Windows based?

If Windows, I’d guess its probably not got a dedicated firewall app installed?

Linux, it’ll be iptables which by default I don’t think blocks outbound requests (iptables -L) will list any set up rules.

The issue is more likely to be getting through your router in the office.

Being stateless, UDP is a send and hope protocol - so actually knowing the message arrives, or where it fails is harder. I don’t know Growl itself, but could you test it via TCP while developing and switch to UDP once you know its ok from the live env?