Groupon Clone ... Which is the best?

I was wondering which is the best Groupon clone out there?

Here are a few I found:

I would recommend Couponic (

I reviewed more than ten Groupon clones out there, and found that many of them are copying each other. For example Woupon is identical to Some companies actually have no technical resources to support their own product. They simply copy from others and sell.

Couponic is in continual development. They are using a creditable framework for easier extension in future. And they offer a lot of features that are not available at this price point.

Highly recommended!



Looks good. in my opinion this are the best for groupon clone.

Trying to setup a new site for daily deals. After careful study, shortlisted 3. Any recommendations from these:

Help is highly appreciated.

Finally after researching it for weeks, today I have purchased gripsell group buying script. Got it for $349… hurray! Their response is good until now. Hope it continues.

For other who are researching the daily deals script, here are some of the inputs:

  1. Many popular scripts have a lot of hidden costs like removal of Powered Link, removal of copyright notice. Additional cost for even simple modules like Facebook Connect, Discussion, Referral, Gift. etc. Make sure that you have carefully calculated the total cost of ownership.
    Someone suggested Couponic but the total cost is $450 instead of what is highlighted as $200. So beware if you do not know this.

  2. I read about Groupon suing even small companies that have exact replica of their system. Again, beware they have patents to protect themself. I tried to avoid any legal complication by accommodating some changes.

  3. Support must be good. I researched a few shortlisted companies on the way they respond and the time taken. Frankly, none except a few are even remarkable.

  4. There is lot of self praising going on. I tried to contact a few who posted good reviews about a couple of script, none of them responded. Most seem fake. There are a few who are simply misleading about their competitors. My recommendation - rely on your own judgement.

  5. I am new to this field and needed help in understanding this business completely. I am not an expert but see this as promising business. Gripsell helped me in catching up… a million thanks to them.

  6. Cheap scripts are now so common that every other website has it. I looked out at something presentable and highly customizable.

I wish all a very good luck.


  • No Sign-up form for business / partners
  • No interest categories & so just 1 mailing list per city.
  • Interesting BackUp module

  • Site is down


  • Price is high: 2000 USD ($)
  • User & admin demo not available (Couponic)

  • No sign-up form for BusinessOwners.
  • No interest categories
- Old fashion design with ugly background

What’s the goal in opening a new Groupon like site?

There are many already covering most areas and niches. And site involves a lot of logistics. You need people to contact businesses and get offers.

I am building a website based on grouponscript, and am very disappointed in the service and prices to be honest

Here some details about the groupon scripts i bought:

This is a groupon clone based on magento.
I think the worst there is.
unusable at all.

I paid 450 dollars for this, and since its unusable or know magento as expert, than you might transform something to make it work the way you want

If you buy the script, support is great, they come online with 3 to 4 guys to help you.

When its paid and installed, ALL options you want is PAID options only.

when your domain expires or you not want it to be on the actual domain, you got to buy another license.

So my call:: NOT BUY groupon clone from

I accept my losses, and bought another script from:

This is a groupon clone based on smarty,
easy to modify, easy to translate, and easy to configure.

Support is not great as well, but if you know php yourself, its a very good script with lot of extra functions which will benefit your website for sure.

Grippsell i not tried yet, but definitely are going to buy the seals aggregator from them

Currently adding more options into my websites, and will show you the results soon.

NDOT Deals is the best choice in terms of features and pricing.

After looking back on this post I realize that most people reply have less then 5 total posts. I am wondering if they are representatives of the companies. Just wondering.

I can tell you two things for certain, one is that couponsitescript isn’t from Agriya, he’s selling his own products and the second is that venkatseo is from ndot because he advertises the script in other forums.

Me? I’m from Agriya, so no need to wonder :slight_smile:


Hey, I can agree that couponic is the best groupon clone there is! <snip/>

I’ve been using it for a while now and it’s amazingly easy to run and install.
Encrypted Script ,So can not add functionality

Wroupon V4.1 Looks great , they are providing source !

A very few functions , Not much helpful!

I saw this post I also look into a clone of Groupon and I found this topic. Personally I had a bad experience with Never buy from them, I have just stolen the money, their scripts do not work and they have some hidden costs that do not tell you and not even write it on the site.

These are all great, but you get all these annoying emails everyday. I found this site that compiles all the group buying sites into one. No login or emails. it’s called