Greybox plugin -- need to do something unusual

pls scroll to the bottom, click on

it opens a div… pls try also with JavaScript is disabled, the content of the div opens in its own url… they use greybox plugin (, which I have used before, but they do unusual stuff here, namely the url, I don’t see is how they load a page on a url such as /to-fda; also I can’t find where/how they generate the content for the div/url…

I need to do the same thing at work…
(greybox plugin doesn’t have forum, link on their pg to a forum says they have been booted out b/c they violated google terms of service…:wink:

is there any other way to do this exact same without this greybox plugin???
(and: I need to do this for various url’s on the pg (not just one url, like in, so I somehow will need to pass url (or part of url, then do string-parsing) to the JavaScript…)

thank you…

oh man… how do they these urls?

<a rel=“gb_page_center[470, 210]” target=“_self” href=“/to-fda”>

(pls note it’s not “to-fda/”, but “/to-fda” – what kind of url is this?
when you land you’re in
if I add “/” at end or add “/index.html” it redirects to

they have a pg full of urls like this here,
(“click here”, “register now”, etc… some are absolute, some aren’t…)

I can’t reproduce this… tried here:

this works, href=“mydir/”
but not this: href="/mydir

now I know you can map urls like this from the back-end, with servlets (which I have done myself), and probably other back-end systems too… but it doesn’t seem like these urls are being mapped from the back-end, although I could be wrong…

would appreciate some enlightening here…

thank you…

they have a pg full of urls like this here,