Greybox Centered Window Breaks in IE9 Beta

The new IE9 Beta breaks Greybox centered popup links. The ajax window pops up at the size specified in code, but then the window shrinks to maybe 25% of its set size with scrollbars.

I’ve not found anyone talking about this problem yet. Any ideas?

It can be seen even on the Greybox home page ( in IE9 while clicking on the Google in a 500x500 centered window link.

ANY help appreciate! Thanks!

I’ve also noticed this problem nathan and it also happens in a full screen Greybox.

As you’ve mentioned, no one seems to be talking about this problem and I think we can only hope the Greybox code is updated to work with IE9. As you may also have noticed though, Greybox hasn’t been updated/supported for a long time so I’m not holding my breath.

At this moment in time I’ve begun looking into alternatives, and if I come up with anything I’ll let you know.

Thanks David! I’ll do likewise.

Just a quick update on this problem as I still can’t find a solution as such.

Providing you don’t want to take advantage of IE9’s new features (rounded corners, html5 support etc) you can run your webpage/site in IE8 mode. Whilst this is not ideal, it’s better than nothing!

The RC of IE9 seems to have corrected this behaviour…typical. I found some new ways to achieve the look I wanted but will now probably stay with Greybox!!