Greening Mobile handsets

I came across this post -

I have spent some time working for Environmental groups and this is not a topic we have discussed much here. What are people’s thoughts on how we could all contribute to improve the impact of our gadgets?

I’m one of the bad people that just don’t care enough, I suppose.

The one thing I do, I suppose, that other people might, is try to dispose of “tech” or “gadgets” appropriately. I return handsets to the company, or sell them for reuse… old computers or hardware items either get properly recycled or given or sold to someone who has a use for them.

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Same here, but a couple of ideas.
Don’t buy a new one every five minutes, like the manufacturers want you to, and consumers feel compelled to. Not that it will ever happen while so much money is being made from techno-bling.
I did have an idea about phones having a solar panel on the back, to top up the charge. It wouldn’t work in a pocket or handbag, or if like me you work mostly in a darkened room. But in some cases it may work. But that kind of random, intermittent, incomplete charging may not be good for batteries as they are.
You can get external solar chargers already, but never seen it integrated into a phone.
This idea was more about practicality/convenience than being green, but I suppose it would be marketed that way.

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