Great service. But no traffic or users...!

Hi, I have launched a video editing site which provide world’s first free video editing service.
Every video is edited by a professional video editor. The problem is I don’t get any traffic simply any videos to edit?

There are lot of people who pay me to edit their videos as a freelancer. But no one comes to our free video editing site ?
What’s the problem? :blush:

Nuwan T.

One problem could be bandwidth?

Thank you. Rubble.
My site is little bit slow but it’s working properly.
Here it is <snip>link deleted</snip>

It have unlimited bandwidth web hosting plan.
Is there some thing I missed?


Sorry I ment upload speed to your site as a lot of users still do not have great internet connections.

Hi Nuwan,

I guess you need to improve your internet presence. Also, you need to optimize your website to make it on top of search engines. You can do an on page and off page submission to increase your online visibility. Thanks.

You can increase traffic and number of visitors for your website by using of social media sites in which face book and twitter are best sources.

Maybe free editing sounds good to be true

SEO, Social Media, Promotions…

hii if you have trffic problem first just share your link in ur forum and than on your social networks. after that share your links as comments on popular and video related sites… and share your site with your friends and say them to share that.

Can you provide the URL to your site? Don’t make it a link.

You can do seo, set keywords, let others find you !

As it was mentioned, free offer probably provides a low value of the service.
Work on an eye (and mind) catching description or explanation why it is free.
May be just try to compare what you can do for free and what for a fee.
Work on SEO also

submit your link to social site.Or provide your link to as a link.


Self-promotional links are not permitted in the forums.[/ot]