Great product! How long for online success?

If you already make a successful product, how long until you can get a website popular enough to make a profit online?


Say, the owner knows nothing about web development and doesn’t really want to know. I know it can be done, but how long? 1 month, 1 year?

That question is much like “how long’s a piece of string?”.

It will depend on many factors, including what the product is, the level of competition, the target audience, the amount spent on marketing …

If you mean by getting your website popular is getting your page ranked high on SERPs, according to an article I’ve read, it may take around 90-180 days to get your page ranked high on search engine results page but still varies on a lot of things such as the keywords used and the level of your expertise.

Getting your website popular is not easy. You have to invest time and effort. If you want to achieve results faster, I suggest you just outsource this task to an expert.

To get a website up and running and being popular I think it takes at least 12 months. You have to create a good website, interesting and informative content, get backlinks,… Technical, Onpage and Offpage SEO… it does take some time, but of course it depends on a lot of things, like how many people are able/have the time to work on this website etc.

Your online success depends on many factors including your marketing strategies, targeting traffic and also the product quality. We can’t get success by providing a great product to customers.