Great Experience in India!

Few days ago I was visit the GOA. It was wonderful experience. Please share your experience…:slight_smile:

I will recommend you to must visit Goa and enjoy your days.:cool:

I’ve never been there. I hope to go to India one day though.
What was so wonderful about your experience?

When I was there,I have not seen anything very special.its just like other cities

Beach & pubs are very special in goa

Goa has been the most famous spot in india to visit. Beach and pubs are the specialty of Goa. Please visit Malvan its near from GOA. Must visit Place. Sea Side Resorts and Blue Sea with White sand. Awesome place to visit.

my mate just come back from india. said it was good and all but he also said he seen some horrible things, lot of begging and that. 50/50 whether i would go or not

India is beautiful country… there are so many places you want to go like bahga border, taj mahal and many more.

You are right… i am from india and visit goa mostly…
my favorite place at goa is beach with music…

Goa is wonderful place. This is my favorite place in India, I have visited there last September. This experience I’ll never forget.