Greasemonkey Script

This is a greasemonkey script that is for OKC. Since userscripts is down, I can’t ask there so thought I’d try here. I do not understand javascript at all so what I would like to know is, what piece of code could I add below to prevent the script from visiting profiles with a low percentage? So say I only want this to visit to visit 80% and up, how can I translate that into JS?

Also, the code is supposed to skip profiles already visited but doesn’t. I read somewhere that the solution is to use a persistent data feature such as localStorage.

Would really appreciate any help on this.

function go_to_profile(){
	var new_profile = document.getElementById("section_matches");
	var match = new_profile.childNodes[3];
	var ref = match.childNodes[1];
	var almost = ref.childNodes[1];
	var go = almost.getAttribute("href");
	var link = "" + go;
	//New array for visited profiles
	var visited_profiles = new Array();
	//Check to see if any profiles have been visited before
	if (visited_profiles.length > 0){
	   //This for command takes the length of the array "visited_profiles" and counts down
	   //to zero while checking that the variable "go" is not equal to any of the entries
	   //in the array.
	   for(var array_length = visited_profiles.length;array_length >= 0;array_length--){
	       if(visited_profiles[array_length] == go){
	       //If profile hasn't been viewed yet, put variable "go" into the
	       //visited profiles array
	       else {

setTimeout(go_to_profile, Math.random()*15000);