Graphics Desing

How can i buildup my graphics skills?

Make up a project for yourself. Browse the web for tutorials pertaining to your graphics program :slight_smile:

I’d start by learning the fundamentals of design. The topics include typography, geometry, visual grammar, grids, color (universal and cultural schemes), hierarchy, balance, composition, and lots more. Check out your favorite library or book store for books that cover these topics.

To learn techniques, you can browse the web for tutorials on the various disciplines like vectortuts or similar tutorial sites that teach you how to digitally translate your ideas.

Watch video tutorial on youtube and do practice and practice

Graphic designing tutorials, articles and blog are available on the web in abundance. Without regular reading and practice it is impossible to gain mastery in graphic design skill and knowledge. If you set your goal to become an expert in graphic design then make it a regular habit of reading and implementing, which will assist in improving your expertise in graphic design.

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Graphics designing is a creative process and needs too much care to sharpen your designing skills.You should be familiar with the designing soft wares like Photoshop,Illustrator…The Best way to develop your graphic skills is to design web templates available online and get updated with the designing soft wares.
If you put an extra effort in your design you are a “Master Graphic Designer”

the best way to develop your skill use the graphic software every time. without good practis you cant develp you skill. practice ! practice ! practice !!!


You need to practice, either create an image for yourself or create something for your family and friends, then ask for feedback. In that way you will know what you need to improve on and at the same time you are practicing.

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Another idea would be to offer a simple graphic design service on Fiverr. Of course it would have to be something you feel confident doing, but having a customer now and then will keep you motivated and you’ll be forced to deliver quality and improve your skills.


Watch video tutorial on youtube or the place Udemy envato tuts+ and do practice and practice

I am a new user of 99 design. How I can earn from this site.

It’s pretty easy to find out. :slight_smile: Have a look at the site. People post jobs to be done, you bid for them—meaning you try to convince the client that you are the best person for the job. You normally do this by submitting a design, and the client will pick the preferred one.

You can easily build-up your graphic designs through different software’s the thing you need to make is make practice …slowly you can be become a great graphical designer
“Practice make man perfect”…get the software’s from goggle and work on that