Graphic Fallback for @font-face

I am looking for a fallback for browsers that dont allow @font-face

I have been using Symbolset to create icons on websites and have found that most browsers support font face but have found that this is not the case for Blackberry.

Is there a fallback option that you use that would allow a graphic to be shown on devices where font face is not supported?

Hm, this sounds tricky. I hadn’t heard of Symbolset before. Are you using it to replace a word with a symbol? If so, what happens on Blackberry? Does the word show instead?

Why anyone would go though the trouble for something purely aesthetic is beyond my comprehension. Does it really matter what font is shown so long as the content is accessible. That is called gracefully degradation which is completely and utterly the best option. Not layering on more complexity to to do something that is quit frankly worthless from a functional standpoint and most likely a performance hinderance. If someone specifically requested this just tell them that it will decrease the performance of the site and move on.

Have you tried adding the Unicode character right into your markup? I’d try that and see if the glyphs work.

If you use something like the [data-icon] selector then that won’t work on many legacy browsers.