GPS tracking inside a building

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I am working with a client who wants us to build a web and mobile application that will be able to track user locations on a map as the customer moves around the building (through different exhibit halls, etc) for the purpose of assisting in way finding - and I am trying to find the best way to achieve this.

I know I won’t be able to use the mobile phone GPS to get as precise as we’d want to get. What’s the best solution to be able to do this? We need to be able to track users as they move between floors, in and out of rooms, etc.

The mobile GPS will probably not get a lock at all indoors. Do you have control of the devices the application is installed on are are they personal devices?

Your best bet albeit tricky and probably not very accurate, would be to use multiple wifi/bluetooth sources and then use signal strength proportions to designate location. The more sources you have the more accurate you could make it.

Might be worth looking at this:

If you don’t have access to the user devices you should still be good as long as the user can be persuaded to install the app before visiting.

The app needs to compare measured levels of the various wifi/bluetooth sources against a preset grid of measurements to get location.

Been down this path a few times. It is a very, very difficult thing to work out, especially if you are looking for GPS-like behavior. “What am I near” is a bit more in the art of the possible depending on which devices you target. But it is very, very difficult to pull off successfully as the underlying resolution of location services just isn’t there yet.

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