Got tons of website content and posts but not enough incoming traffic/backlinks

We have a website that is filled with content including news/gossip blogs, video posts, music posts, photos, etc… but there are not enough people sharing our post links on different sites/message boards helping to build the backlinks and incoming traffic that we need.

I have found that posting inside of forums with our links is the best way to help bring the boost of traffic such as posting wrestling videos in wrestling forums or fail videos in comedy forums. The problem is that there are thousands of forums out there and it’s a huge energy drainer to do this with all of the new content we post daily on our site.

What is the best way to share our post links to help get this boost of traffic/backlinks that we need? I have tried using Senuke and it didn’t help too much. I am using SocialAdr at the moment but i’m on day two and have not yet seen results.

Are there any other software or inexpensive services out there that will assist me greatly? Please give me your feedback and tips on how to get my content out there and the incoming traffic boost we need in the easiest way.

Only on the second day?! And I thought I lacked patients.
Nothing happens instantly. And it all requires work.

Maybe advertising your practice will get you more patients, Doctor.

My main question is, what is the best way to get things happening as fast as possible? I am aware of services such as Onlywire but my focus is for message board posting.

You can advertise in Social bookmarking sites and in social media sites such as facebook, twitter, Digg etc…
There are more chances for you to get the traffic for your website.


My main question is, what is the best way to get things happening as fast as possible? I am aware of services such as Onlywire but my focus is for message board posting.

[font=verdana]It’s always difficult to position any new site in the market, especially when (in your own words) “there are thousands of forums out there” … if you’re trying to compete with other sites that are already set up, with an established user-base and search engine reputation, and you’re playing the same game as them, you’re going to have a real uphill battle.

The solution? Don’t play the same game. Play a different game. Change the rules. Make up new rules. You need to give people a reason to come to your site rather than any of the others … and we’re talking about people here, not search engines. With this kind of site, real success comes when the marketing goes viral and your visitors are promoting the site without you needing to do all the work yourself. But they will only do that if they can see real value in the site.[/font]

Hire professionals. I am sure you’ll get the backlinks you wanted. Backlinks are very hard seo thing to do but it really boost your site.


Maybe you can employ freelancers to post blog comments, social bookmark etc. ?

Think of something which can catch user attention
Try to get some local sponsors and reward for users - its easy to write for local sponsors, but i know its pain to get them

Catch attention by making them participate in contest and reward them for sharing links in Facebook, Twitter, through Email - you never know it may go viral also

Your content needs to be original and appeal to potential visitors. Having good content is not enough. You might want to explore social media like Facebook and Twitter to promote your site.

There are no shortcuts to real traffic. Your content has to be something that people can’t see anywhere else. Try to change the game a little. Since forums aren’t working, try social media. Or find blogs in your niche and ask if you can be a guest blogger. That will bring traffic to your site. The road less traveled is bumpier, but it might get you to where you want to be faster than the heavily traveled road.

I’m in the same boat, but theres no real answer to quick real traffic, just stick with it, blog comment, forum chat, social network, guest blogging, etc etc work on your SEO and over time you’ll soon see the results - don’t entirely focus your days on looking at your statistics, keep building, adding content and getting your content out there on the net to various different sources

Create intriguing title for your video, news, etc then post it on your Twitter account with a link to your site. People love gossips :slight_smile:

roXuf I am also in the exact same place that you are. I put tons of great content to my website and feel like it deserves to be read by a lot more then the 300 or so that visit every day. I have found that its not enough to just focus on writing articles, and I know that alone takes everything out of you. I am doing doing 1 day content writing next day link building etc

Twitter and Digg are certainly a good starting point but I believe that’s all they are; a starting point - one has to go much further then just updating twitter when you publish new content.

What Stevie D has mentioned is basically what you, as a business owner, should do. When you have competition, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to copy them to be as successful. It doesn’t mean that if there’s someone who’s already way up there, you’ll automatically lose. Since you’ve just started up recently, what you have to do is to show yourself to your potential registrants and visitors that what you deliver to them is way different from those that the big names already deliver. Also, don’t rely too much on those software that you mentioned. Have the patience (or should I say, “patients”) to do the link building, even if it does eat up a lot of your time. Well, that’s what it takes to get to the top in the first place.

There is no magic wand for boosting traffic to your site, it would take some time. all you have to do is to make your content catchy enough for people to visit and recommend. After this social media can be of great help to increase the traffic.

Do you mean to say that even if content is bad it will appeal to visitors as long as it is original?ugh

It sounds to me your biggest problem is to circulate your webpages around the web. You know, circulating your contents primarily involves the use of highly effective techniques in off-page optimization. Active participation in social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn is the most popular technique in obtaining natural traffic. When your friends, followers and circles learn to respect you - you can expect them to like, retweet and share your content at some points of time. For example, should you have 500 friends in Facebook but only 100 are loyal readers of your blog - learn to circulate a webpage by posting a link + a juicy status with the use of this command @. I’m not aware how many @ you can insert in a link and as always, too much utilization of this technique results to spamming. For this, just limit your share to first ten people per link in the morning and the next ten in the afternoon, so and so on.

Answering questions in Q&A websites such as Quora and Yahoo Answers can increase traffic. Each time you have new posts in your website, answer questions related to the topic and share your post in the source box. Be sure that the answer attracts their attention the first second they read your first sentence to a point that they are convinced to click your link. Same rule applies with forum. Though you must be familiar with the forum guidelines before sharing a link. Most forums don’t allow to post links while answering a thread.

Another effective off-page optimization that might work effectively on your “entertainment site” is to submit every page in popular social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Delicious and Pinterest. The more bookmarking sites you’re a member to, the better chances of getting unique clicks.

Blog commenting may also work for you should you give comments that are worth-reading, give reactions and giving additional inputs to the discussion. The one secret formula here is: Consistency. Consistent socialization with various users in different websites increase traffic generation. Simply give these people a reason to read your scope even if they are terribly busy with their work. Entertainment news usually get clicks should it deliver the newest, the hottest and the trendiest item of interest.

Remember: The use of automated tools, whether it’s cheap or not, may only lead to spamming. It’s better to circulate your link manually!

It takes time, you don’t expect a baby to learn to walk in 2 days - don’t expect your site to be running full steam right away. Let it grow, be consistent and have patience.

Please try for another marketing technique for Face book marketing. Your site information is useful for others. Then post for content and Article blog. Post content or Article do not duplicate content is original content only you are posted.

I’ve recently heard an interview with Neil Patel who is widely known as “the traffic generator” on Yaro Starak’s blog. He talked about SEO and link building and explain that social media is the easiest way (if there is an easy way…) to build links.

Social media is the latest place where you can build backlinks. It is commonly known fact to have a fb page of your site. Increase the engagement and by adding valuable and interesting content. You can also build your backlinks by uploading video to Youtube and adding your link on the description. Never create a site for Google, They will penalize you.

Go straight forward and bring traffic to your site. This is the legitimate way…