Got another question that i really need help with it

If somebody fills in a registration form online and pushes the submit button at the bottom of the form, that is perfect example of client server concept

can you elaborate on the processes at the client side? and can you elaborate on the processes at the server side?

Hi Sevim,
At the top of my head, the client side deals with the user interface, like the appropriate form controls to use, and client side validation of user input. This can be done via HTML5 form controls and JavaScript as a fallback. Also, if you send the data via Ajax (without reloading the entire page), the JavaScript code that sends the data to the server is part of the client side side of things.

On the other hand, gathering the user input data, validating it on the server, and eventually saving it to the database and/or sending emails, are processes that take place on the server side.


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