Got A Website Running, What Now For SEO?


I run a Christian website. Right now it is redirecting to an IP because I am moving to a new server. Ignore that.

I would like to start ranking higher on search engines. What do I do? Could someone help me by giving me three steps to get started? I do have some budget for this (depending on expected result).

What are those things that people new to SEO do wrong that I should avoid?

You need to do below mentioned steps till 5-6 months, to make your website good ranking on search engine.

  1. you need to select your targeted area for business or traffic
  2. your main keywords popularity in particular country
  3. find out most popular keywords
  4. Create Title Meta for for your web pages as per selected keywords
  5. Create some social profiles
  6. Do blogging on daily basis and ping your blog posts.

There are also some other activities you can do to achieve top ranking.


I think in your case social media will be very helpful.

You should start link building as: Directory submission, Article submission, Social Bookmarking and Social Networking etc.

When a website is new, it is hard to see good amount of organic traffic in the beginning. The best option is to promote the website in social media, do some advertisement and at a same time, start working on offpage optimization. So in the beginning, social media and advertisements will help you to make your website popular and once your website starts ranking higher in search engines, it will generate organic traffic for your website.

Do some forum posting and classifieds posting to get traffic. And first you need to get your keyword on the top then automatically your PR will increase.

That’s a classic case of opening the box with the crowbar that’s inside it.

Let’s remember a few things.

One - pretty much everything you need to know about SEO is already covered in our FAQ and in [url=]other threads. If you want general tips on how to improve your performance in search engines, please read these. If you’ve got a question that isn’t answered in the FAQ, there’s a handy [url=]forum search so you can see if anyone else has asked the question before. Then, if you’ve got a specific question that hasn’t already been answered, feel free to ask it and we’ll do our best to help!

Two - forum posting is likely to either count as spamming or will be pointless for SEO. Reputable forums won’t allow you to post self-promotional links willy-nilly, and are likely to “nofollow” most user-generated links. And because your comments will be on an inner page along with hundreds or thousands of others, even if they are allowed then Google is going to give each link very little consideration.

Three - the best strategy is not to think about search engines. Focus on what will make your site a great site for people to visit.

post in forums like you are with a combination of article writing and directory submission. This will be a good start

Please go back and read/reread Steve’s comment:

Next thing you need to do is off page optimization to improve the search engine visibility of your website.
A few techniques of off page optimization

  • Submit your website to search engines
  • Submit your website to reputed directories
  • Submit your RSS feed to feed directories
  • Get backlinks from relevant authority sites
  • Get active on social networking websites
  • Blogging (including guest blogging and blog commenting)
    I know, these techniques are very time consuming, you may use ‘Keyword Country’ to automate this process… It helps in cutting huge time.

you should definitely do blogs, forums, articles, maybe some social media… but more effective would be using xml feeds. i would recommend trying cpms, cpcs from 7search, affinity, plexious, miva…
good luck

While I do agree that you can’t do it willy nilly. I’ve had great results finding threads that my website contains the answer to. For me I decided to post wallpapers in obscure resolutions (multi monitor and such). There is threads out there in forums with people asking for them and I give them what they want and nobody is upset and I’m happy for having helped someone, this is ofcourse different for your website, but the principal applies. And just because they do the nofollow nonsense doesn’t mean it won’t help your website out in the long run.

apoorva09, adammarleymtts, lightingguru, Zorro D and JimLock; all I can say to the “advice” you’ve given is…


Many of you have a skewed idea of what link building actually is, and if you think that your site is magically going to get popular because you’re spamming a couple of Digg accounts and have posted some crappy article to a bunch of content farms then you should probably find alternative employment.

Secondly, why the hell would anyone want to read about your crappy sites when you spam them on forums?! You may think that you’re doing some kind of legitimate marketing, or “word-of-mouth advertising”, but in reality all you’re doing is annoying people and giving hard-working moderators another heap of crap to clean up. If you’re lucky enough to not get banned from a forum for posting your links then whatever posts you’ve made will probably be worthless anyway.

Finally, social media is no silver bullet and you don’t even get proper backlinks from it! Before you come up with crazy methods actually have a look at the amount of traffic you get for the effort you put into social media, then decide to give the advice that it’s worth pursuing on a brand-new site.

The only advice I can really back on this thread is that from Stevie D.

OK, enough fluffinating year old threads. THREAD CLOSED