Google Voice Without Verification Phone Number?

I was just checking out Google voice and I’m not sure, but it looks like you have to provide a verification phone number in order to use the service. I do not want to do that.

It would be nice if I could use Google Voice for outgoing U.S. calls only. During the enrollment process, there was a screen that came up requiring you to input a phone number for forwarding calls to your Google number. I hit the escape key to close that window. I went back to Gmail and saw a welcome email from Google Voice. On the screen was an option to make a call. I tried it but it said I had to download the Google plugin or something. I didn’t do that.

I was kind of under the impression that I was set up and ready to make calls without having to enter a verification number of any sort. But I am not sure.

I figured I would ask before I pursue this any further.

Also, if I do have to enter my home or cellphone number for verification purposes, will it so to any parties I call using Google Voice?

I am not planning on using Google Voice for nefarious purposes. I would prefer not to give Google my phone number if I don’t have to.

Thanks for any info you can provide. :slight_smile:

The want a number so that when someone calls your google voice number they can ring your actual number. The verification is just to prove that it is actually your phone.

I completely agree with the B, the Google verification is just to prove that it is actually your phone. If their verification will not be completed than Google not allow the services.

i found this thread started by cheesedude while searching for answers to solve another google voice related problem…

i can shed a bit of light on the way google’s voice service functions.

the verification process, where it asks for your actual phone number, is only required if you want a unique google voice number that people can make INBOUND calls to you on and can be used for SMS, voicemail, etc.

a google voice number is not required to make OUTBOUND calls with google voice, all you need is a gmail account and to install the google voice plugin. when you are in your gmail inbox you will see a link to the left in your gmail “chat” list that says “call phone”, this will allow you to place outbound calls directly from your gmail account. when you make these outbound calls they will show up from a generic number with a california area code; people cannot call you by dialing this number that shows up on their call display.

although if you don’t mind giving google your actual phone number in the verification process, then you can get a unique google voice number, which is basically a FREE fully featured phone line that people can call you on. it even has some neat features like allowing you to easily record phone calls by pressing 4 during a conversation, and it can transcribe voicemails people leave and email them to you in text with the audio as an attachment.

hope this helps.