Google to stop banning Adsense Accounts?

I have read with interest that Google will no longer ban Adsense accounts. Anyone know how true this is, how it will work and if banned accounts will be reinstated?

I’ve not heard about this. Sounds like just a rumor. Where did you read that?

[font=verdana]I very much doubt that anything so simple would happen. The reason that Google does reserve the right to ban Adsense accounts is to help them deal with fraud – if there was no punishment for fraudulent use of the program (eg clicking on ads on your own site) then there would be nothing to stop people abusing the system, which would hurt people legitimately showing ads and would lead to advertisers not trusting the program and withdrawing from it.

They may be changing the way they deal with suspected fraud, but they certainly won’t be giving you carte blanche to do whatever you like.[/font]

Google is still banning adsense accounts and those previously banned are still banned for life.

All that has changed recently is some more transparency in the process and more information on the reasons being given by Google.

I agree. Google is still banning the adsense accounts. They have to make it possible that users would follow their rules and policies.

It’s hard to believe that Google won’t ban adsense users anymore.! Where did you hear about this? Do you have any reference for that?

If Google won’t ban any adsense users, then Google will pay billions and billions to users who having adsense account even their website do not perform well in Google. Spammers will do fraud activity and will click their own ad and start earn money like Stevie said …

Yes, you are right. My Google adsense account also banned last month. :frowning:


What a load of nonsense! AdSense belongs to Google and they’ll ban people that abuse their system.

It’s the same thing that’ll happen if you post dodgy pictures on Flickr, it’s the same thing that’ll happen if you spam profiles on Facebook, it’s the same thing that’ll happen if you verbally abuse someone on Twitter, it’s the same thing that’ll happen if you post spam on here.

As Stevie D has suggested, it’s far more likely that they’ve changed their policy on fraud detection and intervention, but that’s it.