Google Suggested Search -- How To Manipulate?

Does anyone know of a tool or method that can help change the results that you see when typing in a search query in google?

I’m trying to find a way to manipulate what users see as suggested search terms when users start typing in my company name into google. Need a long term solutions for this badly. Let me know. Thanks

Rather than changing the Google Suggest entries, it might be a better strategy to change the search results that users see when searching for you company name.

I’m guessing at the moment there is something negative there that you want to remove (ie. Yourcompany name sucks)?

Depends on the situation as to what is the best strategy, whether it’s misinformation on pages you can control or a bad review on another site for example.

Maybe provide more info and we can offer specific help?..

I don’t think you can do anything about it… its part of google algorithm…

We cannot change the results powered by Google. We can list out results according to the options given by Google. At the left side of the every results page you can see these options. Google has placed links at the left navigation bar with time period where you can see the past 24rs,week, month and even an year back results. For example if you want to see the search results which are latest, you click on the Latest and Google will display the Latest results. This is how you can control the results listings as you wish! Go try and enjoy various options available!