Google shows a few pages but not home page?

Hello, I have a problem with Goggle indexing being that some of my website pages appear in the search results but none of them are my home page. The pages are contact, gallery and a few others only that appear. Please can anybody advise how to get my home page to appear as I am confused? :blush:

Many thanks.

Thanks for the reply steve. All my pages are listed using my ISP freespace address but when I type in my domain name using a domain forwarding service only 3 pages appear.

So my home page is there, I have some idears for what to try now.:slight_smile: (I hope that makes sense) Thanks again.

Is your home page in the index at all?
The way to find out is to search for (obviously with your domain name there), and that will list all the pages Google has indexed on that site.

If the home page is there, the problem is evidently that Google doesn’t recognise it as important.

If the home page is not there, that’s a different problem!

Let us know how you get on…