Google Search Console - Loosing The Faith With

HI from freezing Leeds UK…
Loosing faith with Googles’ Search Consoles Crawl Error reports (See below screen grab)

In the “Smartphone” report it spots a huge number of broken links / 404 Errors. But here’s my problem. Below is a specif example of a 404 error page with a list of pages linking to it but… whenever you try to verify any of the but links i find nothing :frowning:

Specifically if i go to page: i just cant find the link pointing to (I use Chrome Dev Tools - )

So is the Google search console’s crawl error report pretty useless when it comes to accurately reporting real time 404 error pages?

Thanks in advance,

More details of a 404 page with pages linking to a 404 page.

Bust Page:

Linked From:

I’ve found it pretty bad wiht one of my sites recently, I’ve uploaded a new project and get 404’s or “problems wiht the sitemap” that exists and is perfectly readable. I think they are focusing on the ‘new’ interface and the old one is just falling apart.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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