Google+ Reviews


Why Google+ removes reviews? What can be the reasons behind this?
How can I prevent those reviews from removing?

There is an explanation from Google here:

Does that help?

I am having the same problem…but not able to find any permanent solution to it.

If the link TechnoBear provided didn’t help, maybe this one will

It seems strange you can’t right politically or socially. Like if I did a review on the Taj Mahal and told that those who built it had their hands cut of by the then ruler so that they could never build another one, whether that would be accepted by Google+? I wonder.

Reviews? I have a google+ account, how can I add a review?

Yoiu mean ??

I see now! Great! Thanks @Mittineague

There is a button to mark a review as a inappropriate and then report it to Google support. Perhaps that is why they disappear.

Maybe someone reports certain comments as inappropriate, and thats why they disappear. I cant think of any other reason for that.

To edit any of your comments, follow the steps below.

Log in to Google+.
Place your mouse pointer over the icon, and select My explore_icon place.
Click on the icon next to the desired review.
Make the necessary changes and click Publish.

As the OP hasn’t returned to this thread in over three months, I think it’s safe to assume they’ve found an answer.

Thanks to all who contributed. Thread closed.