Google Player won't autoplay

Any ideas as to why the following won’t autoplay

    <embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" flashvars="audioUrl=song.mp3"  autoplay="1" width="400" height="27" quality="best" ></embed>

Everything displays correctly and it works if I press the play button but I want it to autoplay… I’ve tried using autostart just in case this worked but alas no joy.

Isn’t it


You can also add “&autoplay=true” at the end of your page’s url (so, links you have on other pages that go TO that page, you can add it there).

Much less why EMBED? What is this 2001?

Though… autoplaying music… YEAH, that’s a good idea. It’s only on EVERY list of “do not do on websites”.

Maybe the OP is using HTML5… they’ve brought embed back from purgatory.

I had a client insist on an auto-playing video. It was horrible because it was under the fold (so people don’t even know where that sound is coming from unless they scroll down!) but client insisted mostly because his competitors were doing it.

I have a shoebox where I hide my secret shames.

That doesn’t work either.

From the comments I gather I’m doing this all wrong. What I’m try to achieve is a page that has a player on it that automatically plays the linked audio but shows the controls so that the visitor can stop the song or replay it.

Does it not autoplay on ALL browsers? Maybe there’s something weird with one browser?

SP has a point there about the browsers – Newer versions of IE for example often won’t let ANY flash embed auto-play…

Is that EMBED wrapped in a OBJECT tag for every other browser out there? Have you considered using the PROPER tag (object) instead of embed outright?

You might want to autoplay a file because you’ve just populated a div on a user event. Like if you want to have your own javascript logic for what’s going on in the page. If these components (the mp3 player in this case) were actually made to be programmatically useful then you could query the component to see what state it’s in. If it was playing and has finished, I guess it would be too much to ask to have it callback a js function defined in page so you could autoplay the next file in the playlist, but at the least you could put a query on a timer and find out if it’s time to play the next file.