Google PageRank Update Dec 6, 2013

It’s been almost a year and PageRank, named after one of the founders, many thought would be forgotten or dropped. And many would like to see it forgotten. Nonetheless, the toolbar pagerank was updated today.

Yes, Google is one for sending mixed messages.

Seeing as talk about "site page rank’ here in the forums never quieted down despite the toolbar not being updated for ~10 months, I imagine it would take years for it to “go away” after it went away.

I suppose it takes Larry Page about a year to allocate meaningless numbers between 0 and 10 to all those web pages. It might go away if something happens to Larry. Can’t have a Larry Page Rank without a Larry Page.

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O no, does that mean we’re going to lose Disneyland? :frowning:

Black hat optimizers got a nice push forward by re-activating their mass linking services after this update.

As for me, it would have been much better if Google can turn off their page rank for good although they raised the page rank of virtually all of my targeted pages.

Google has some plans actually for turning off the page rank for good but they are still maintaining it primary for link sellers - (ironically speaking)

My guess is they need to gather a bit more information so they can fine tune the algo before dropping PR entirely.

According to Matt Cutts, the reason for keeping it goes as follows:
Taken from the Official GoogleWebmasterHelp Channel:

Thanks, though I think saying “tons of regular people use it to figure out how reputable a site is” is a stretch.

Yes At last, Google page rank was updated. But for my site it’s same no change at all.

Please keep the discussion here on the general issues of PR and whether or not it has had its day. Do not post here simply to say whether your PR went up or down. Any such posts will be removed as fluff.

There is a thread in the General Discussion forum where you can post about your own PR:

Being named after Larry Page, I wonder if there is a little ego thing with not getting rid of it. I personally wouldn’t have a problem with it if they had the resources to police it a little better.

Thanks everyone

This is old news by now

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