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I have a small site of 6 ot 7 pages. I am keyword targeting at the moment and focusing on two of the pages. I have been watching both of the pages regularly over the last two weeks to see when Google picks upo the changes and if it will make any changes to the indexing. Today google showed one of the updated pages when i clicked the little magnifying glass in google serps. however the othe page was not updated. Why could this be?

Surely on visiting the site Google would have followed all the links to the other pages. There are clear links from the first page to the second page

any thoughts would be appreciated

create links to your inner pages with social bookmarks and link building as you would with your homepage. Google will eventually pick them up.

It takes time. Google doesn’t visit every page on your site on every visit. The more Google thinks of your site, the more often it will visit. The more regularly you update your content, the more often Google will visit. Give it a few more days and see if the changes are shown in Google’s index then.

If you sign up for Google Webmaster tools, there’s a place where you can request the google bot to look at your page. I say request because it’s not an immediate process. It does, however get to the website soon than what is probably regularly scheduled.

Another thing which might help is a sitemap. Here’s site that will generate one for you: Create your Google Sitemap Online - XML Sitemaps Generator

Google also keeps an eye on when the sitemap of a site is updated.

Max Google will take one month time to crawl webpages. Keep doing forum submission & Social Book marking. I too faced the same problem even I did all the things like content updation and all off page optimization process but no improvement. Finally I have installed W3C validation on my site. within 5 hours Google crawled my webpages.

'nuff said

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