Google News - Going Farther Back?

On Google News, does anyone know if there is a way to go farther back in time that what is displayed?

For example, if I go to the “Business” section and wanted to see more articles than is shown of the “Business Landing Page”, is there a way to do that?

You would think it would be to Google’s advantage to let people have access to more and more content (and advertisiements)?!



Clicking the “About Google News” link in the footer led me to – their news archive search. Maybe you’ll find it helpful.

Thanks, but not what I wanted.

I was hoping for a way to view articles that were assigned to a given section (e.g. “Business”) farther back in time.

Your suggestion just provides a way to search for Articles on a particular topic - not the same concept.

Besides, when I tried doing a search on “Business”, it said no articles where found?! :-/

Oh well, definitely a feature that I will have in my website!!