Google maps

Hello I have a problème with google maps i have a map with traced road and i have pins that are outside and isnide the road check the fiddle to see
is there a way to remove the ones that are outside the road thanks

Hi there dadycool014,

and a warm welcome to these forums. :winky:

Try changing this…

   var locations = [
      ['Title A', 32.898627,-7.667543, 1],
      ['Title B', 29.709364,-9.712969, 2],
      ['Title C', 28.094611,-12.050201, 3]    

…to this…

   var locations = [
      ['Title A', 33.528627,-7.577543, 1],
      ['Title B', 30.409364,-9.612969, 2]


it’s just i get data form soap api so i can’t change it every time

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