Google maps with integrated search function for postcodes

hi everyone.

need some help really.( not sur eif im posting in right section … but here goes )

I need to embed google maps to my website with a search function for postcodes to see if franchise or lessons in their areas are available. ?

any thought where I could go. Iv had a look at some google websites and bout this but nothing clear as to how to add coding what types files etc. im sure most of it is in javascript .

any helps appreciated even moving this topic to the right section in the forum .

amzie! :slight_smile:

I totally forgot about a dentist’s appointment and can’t really elaborate, but here’s the tutorial I used to first learn the Google Maps API.

well if your back from the dentist safe and sound are there any furtehr links you have handy. the one you have posted is very handy also.
thanks :slight_smile:

I have decided to have a search box

  • enter you area name
  • then lists up the local areas where we work in.
    looking at GEO coding thing first issue if we were to use all postcodes have to pay a licensing fee to royal mail
  • what would be good is to enter a area name - up pop a map with markers to show where we operate. …,.

any tips where to get started
any helps appreciated :slight_smile: