Google Keyword Tool

I am wondering if there is a way I can search for what people search for in Google Keyword Tool based on their location getting an overview on which country searches most for certain keywords. I am a little new in online marketing so any help on optimizing my Google campaign would really help.

What are you ultimately trying to achieve? A lot of people forget that keyword tools are only as accurate as the data you give them.

Sorry for the late reply.

I am trying to see what countries search for what results, but more importantly I want to see which is the highest ranking country of that specific keyword. This makes sense in that I would then be able to fine-tuned an advertising campaign focussing on that region of the world, further increasing the possible rate of conversion.

I am hardly an internet marketing guru, so forgive me if the answer is obvious.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the company/product determine the keywords. If I sell small potatoes, the fact that “big boobs” is a much more used keyword matters little to me.
A second, but by no means less important issue, is that “popular” keywords are much more expensive and require a massive budget.
Can you phrase a more specific question, or elaborate in more detail?

Bib boobs :smiley:

I want to be able to see which countries rank those keywords higher in order to assist on a targeted advertising campaign.

So in short, which country, based on their population/size searches for ‘small potatoes’, and if it’s worth at all targeting that country.

The issue I found with Google Keyword is that it gives me the statistics, but I fail to organize them in a method where I can see all the countries in terms of ranking.

Budgets for keywords, are determined by your targeted county. For example., advertising in Cyprus is war cheaper than advertising in the UK. Furthermore advertising in the UK is cheaper still than advertising in America. Being able to fine tune your advertising campaign would help me and my clients get the most from their money. In addition to this it would also allow me to explain why we are targeted certain countries and the potential benefit of this within their advertising budget.

Hopefully this clarifies.

It states your general intent, but that is invariably the same: improving results/turnover/roi/clicks or whatever.
Keyword prices are governed by supply and demand (probably automatised by use of algoritms) and as such it is self evident that bigger/more prosperous targets command higher prices.
I still have the impression that you are trying to find answers in keyword research that simply are not there. Comparing massive amounts of date may reveal something about how to use them in the best way, but there is no quick, simple or cheap way of doing. The simple reason is that the data you compare is useless, unless you have a way of including ALL possible variations for all your possible target markets.
The only feasible way of getting some practical, reliable answers that I know of, is taking one (group of) product(s), one target market, set a budget, and then work out what gives you the best roi by comparing sales/profit per variation.

To give you an idea of the enormity of data volume:
I have 1 main product (domestic gas boiler repairs) and 2 secondary products ( domestic gas boiler serive, domestic gas boiler installs ). No coal, oil or electric. No cookers, space heaters or other appliances and nothing commercial or industrial.
I have 1 small geographic area; half of a 10 mile radius.

2 main keyword: “boiler repair(s)” selling at around $5/click
2 semi-main “boiler repair(s) London” probably $3-4/click.
6 one step below that “boiler repair(s) south/southeast/southwest London”
Around 200 of the comination boiler repair(s) + postcode/ward (area) name
Between 5000 and 10,000 variations of the above combined with boiler variations.
Between 50,000 and 100,000 keywords when I vary the above with Variations of the work e.g. repairs, service and so on.

That is 1 man, 1 main product, half a city.
If you want to do keyword research along these lines for a number of clients, with a number of specialties in a number of countries, you will need a Cray and a platoon of programmers and data entry staff.

You need to formulate a specific quesion to get a specific answer.

I completely understand what you’re saying, let’s not use a geographically dependant example such as a plumber, let’s use a global example.

Person is selling books internationally, wants to know were the best place to target the advertising would be. He is willing to ship the books worldwide, but does not want to waste a huge amount of money on advertising on regions which would not return an investment. What is the best way for this client to know which regions are efficient or not, without taking into consideration what people in those regions are curious about?

Gathering from your response, you would need to do split testing on an advertising campaign and see which one ranks better. You would have the same advert in all countries and see which one would rank better based only on location. Again, forgive me for any inexperience, but is this the only way to know exactly what works better without knowing any predetermined factors prior to carrying out the advertising.

Selling books worldwide means you will be using the world’s most expensive adwords instead of the country’s, unless you go for longtail.

You can’t use keyword data for that unless you’ve got a battery of Cray’s, end of.

You are simply trying to do things that are not economically viable. I am not even sure it is tecnically possible to get the information you are looking for from keyword research, but if it is, it would cost millions. SEO, keywords, statistics and all that are not some magical set of tricks that will tell you exactly what you want to know if you just type in the correct parameters.
You keep missing the most important obstacle to your plan: the enourmous variety of keywords. If my “local plumber with 1 main product” brings 100,000 keywords, a “global bookseller” will have tens of millions.