Google Indexing Time

Hello all!

I recently started this site and I was just looking to get a rough idea of on average how long it takes for a new domain to get any ranking from google?

A lot longer if you go around spamming your site.

I posted the link to the site for reference - not spam. Thanks for the answer!

So I shall save you the apparent trouble of doing a search on the forum, as… unbelievable as it may be, the question’s been asked and answered many, many times, and it matters exactly 0 about your site with or without ‘reference’ which doesnt get any weight from this site because it’s been nofollow for over 2 decades…

The answer is it varies. Anywhere from a couple of weeks to months. Google have billions of sites to crawl, and yours will land somewhere in the stack. I would suggest you go have a read of Google’s sayings on the matter, and make sure you’ve done the basics…

I have been in the same situation, both here and in other sites. I cannot be sure what your intent was but I can understand that a person might specify their website just because it is considered good practice to be specific in questions.

Asking a generic question the answer to which could easily be found on Google and adding your URL, it is quite likely the mods will think it’s spam.