Google Captcha. How to set on website?

Hello everyone! Please give me a hint. I am a beginner developer and so far I am building pretty simple affiliate sites. I use templates and constructors, but I try to integrate html code as much as possible. Now I’m trying to connect google captcha to my site. This is done through an official request. I filled out the application form, but 3 weeks has passed and I still have not received an answer. Please tell me if there are any other ways to add Google captcha yourself without a Google support center?
Also, maybe you can recommend another captcha service?

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Getting a Captcha API key is something that is automatic (unless you signed up for enterprise). Did you follow this guide?

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Hey Daniel, below are few points to be followed while setting up a Google Captcha on Website.

Step #1: Register Your Website on reCAPTCHA
Step #2: Add the reCAPTCHA Script to Your Website
Step #3: Place the CAPTCHA on Your Site

Hope this is helpful to you.