Google Applying Sandbox Effect when Significant Changes are Made to a Site?

I would love to get your feedback on this. I have seen a number of people report that they saw their rankings drop after they made significant updates to their site. I’m wondering if there is something new going on with Google Caffeine where google spots that on page factors have changed, and assigns a new date to those factors, and then of course considers the date as something that must mature to get a higher score for that factor. Could there be some kind of sandbox effect when on page factors change?

I won’t say if it is right or wrong, but I will say I have seen increased reports by people that think there is something to it. Personally, I think about users first, and usually the search engines catch up sooner or later.

it’s wrong information that through significantly changes site will has to go sand box:)

Yup it’s been known to happen. But it is temporary.


You can keep away from having your site in the Google Sandbox for some reasons. Sites object ing non-competitive keywords and phrases are frequently left out of the Google Sandbox as there is small point in concerning the filter.

In hindsight what happened for us was the Mayday Update. While we did update our site, what happened to us specifically was some of our long tail keywords lost ranking. This freaked me out at first, but as I have had a little more time to process the data, I can see that our conversion rates have actually gone up.

Some of the traffic we were getting pre-Mayday was not as targeted, and did not convert well. We’ve continued tweaking the site, and if anything it has been a great learning experience that led us to improve our site.

I heard some SEO that their site drop on on major search engine after they change their meta’s and other content but it came back after a continues optimization.