Google Analytics's definition of a User

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Using Google Analytics what is an accurate definition of a USER. Here is mine:

“A User is a browser counting interactions with that browser once within a 2 year period, dropped by a cookie. If the user comes back within 2 years the cookie gets pushed 2 years forward (damn this is not easy to articulate for me). If a user interacts once with a browser and returns outside 2 years, he she it is counted once”.

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I often hear people say that. In fact, all those who say so do not fully understand the benefits of Google analytics. Google analytics can now be used to track interaction with the application. Read more about this question. Tell me, do you rarely use applications like websites? Such data for you will also be superfluous?

Sounds like it’s to do with how analytics recognises a returning visitor by their cookie. But the cookie only lasts for two years after their last visit (or until the user flushes out their cookies).
So if you visit a site a few times in a short period, it knows it’s the same user by the cookie.
If you leave the site for 18 months, it will still recognise you.
If you then leave it three years before you return to the site, the cookie has expired and it will see you as a brand new user.

At least that’s how I interpret it.

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Google Analytics shows how many users engaged with the website or application. If the same user visits the website at a later time, they will be counted as a “returning user”. However, there are instances where that same person could still be counted as a new user, even if they already visited your site.

For example they may have deleted their cookies or be using a different device.

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