Google analytics

im trying to set up Site Search in Google Analytics so i can see what users are searching for on my site. step 4 and 5 says,

4# Enter your ‘Query Parameter’ in the field provided. Please enter only the word or words that designate an internal query parameter such as “term,search,query”. Sometimes the word is just a letter, such as “s” or “q”. You may provide up to five parameters, separated by a comma.

5# Select whether or not you want Google Analytics to strip out the query parameter from your URL. Please note that this will only strip out the parameters you provided, and not any other parameters in the same URL. This has the same functionality as excluding URL Query Parameters in your Main Profile - if you strip the query parameters from your Site Search Profile, you don’t have to exclude them again from your Main Profile.

not sure what that Query parameter means or what i should input, anyone know?

This is true, but it won’t show internal searches. I am not sure which of the two the original poster meant.

yea ive had all the other things up and working for a while now, it would be nice to see what people are searching tho

yeah you do not need to set parameters…in analytics go to traffic sources -> keywords…this will show you what keywords brought traffic. Google webmaster tools also has a great interface. It will have the data you are looking for.

The same with the other Traffic checker tools like statcounter. :lol:

All you have to do is follow their instructions. :x

dear you just google analytics code paste into your website html before closing the body tag like </body> okay
then you can watch the complete analytic of your site after approval

If you have doubts in Google analytics then Statcounter and Awstats is there to serve you.

yes I agree it does not display internal searches

Doesn’t it automatically give you all the top search terms though, without having to enter special queries?


don’t bother about all of that… I didn’t even bother reading that… Just copy the code and paste it in any widget or part of your blog or site…
The analytics starts working in 48 hours.

On the search page, try setting a custom variable in the js

You have some parts to note with checked in the profile/options box.

I have couple of sites for which I do marketing and track every day its easy to maintain things if you know what you doing.

somehow google analytic is better than others

That’s not what he’s asking. He already has the code in there. He’s asking how to configure GA to track internal site searching.

In order to effectively track your own site’s internal search, you need to provide GA with your query parameter. It’s the word or letters after the question mark and after the equal sign:

For the above example the query parameter would be “search”.

I agree. I use blogspot for my blog site. And adding google analytics to the site is just easy as abc: just copy and paste the code to the footage of the site’s source code.

Just copying the verification code in your site / blog is enough in the bottom most source code before the body tag. For more queries you can ask directly in the Google Analytics forum. It will gives you better solution.