Google analytics


I added the code to my footer.php file. About five / tens ago. I view source can;t see it yet. What’s with that? Should I be able to see it? I placed it just above the </body> tag.

Doubled checked the hosted file vs local file too. Me thinks it may be replicating but other changes are instant. Can’t give yuo a URL it’s closed IP for work.


You can again update the code in your pages,… This might happn performing other technical aspect on ur page…

Maybe you can try using plugins. I always use plugin such as Google Analyticator to install analytics codes. Fast and clean, don’t need to mess with the codes.

Would rather not use a plugin.

My question is where will I see it in the source code? I a have looked above footer in view source on the compiled page. Added it to the footer.php file.
Looked rigth above the </div><!-- /footer –> tag

probelm solved, the ftp details had been updated