Google Analytics not working?

Hey guys,

Sorry in advance if this isn't the right sub-forum :) I just registered for a Google Analytics account to track one of my clients websites. To cut to the point, I have added the code to my pages but nothing is tracking in my dashboard - does anyone have any idea why? does it take a while to get started?

Many thanks!


I’ve had it take up to a day, from the time I inserted the GA code in the website, until something showed up in the GA interface.

Ah OK - thought that might be the case. Any other input also welcome!

Just check out the website profile in analytics account if your site is verified with the code? You could have missed something!

How does one check if the site is verified?

From Google’s FAQ:
It can take up to 24 hours for all data to appear in your Google Analytics account after you’ve installed the tracking code. In the meantime, here’s how to confirm that you’ve set up tracking correctly …

After placing the GA code before closing the body tag of your website, Go to manage sites in analytics, select a site profile and click on the link for check status. The analytics service will start gathering your visitors’ information right from the status verification but it will take a little delay to show up the data that collect initially.

I am having difficulty locating the area to “check status”. Is it under the Admin tab?

Go to manage sites in analytics, select a site profile and click on the link for check status.

AFAIK, this refers to the old Google Analytics interface and no longer works in the new one.

One way to do what you want:
Sign in to Google Analytics.
Click on “All Accounts” (top left), this will take you to “Account Home”
Click the “Admin” button (top right), this will take you to “Account Administration”
Select the appropriate account
Select the account again.
You should now see your profile and several tabs
Select the tab “Tracking Code”
Look for the section titled “Website Tracking”
There you will see a point entitled “Tracking Status”
If all is good, this should say “Receiving Data”

I’m sure there’s a less complicated way to do this, but this worked for me.

Thanks Pullo, I have been looking for ages trying to find the tracking status. that was very helpful info.
All good

Happy to help :slight_smile: