Google adwords vs PPC

Hey Friends…
Today every one want to see their website on first position of Google, No one need First Page…
So what better To get Traffic Google Adword or PPC .
Please share your views…


Welcome to the forum.

I think you might be a little confused about AdWords and PPC. Google AdWords is PPC. There’s no question of choosing between them.

And neither of them will help with getting you “on first position of Google”. The point is that AdWords will send traffic to your site from adverts (that you pay for). This has got nothing to do with Google search results.

If I’ve misunderstood your question, perhaps you could clarify it.



google adwords is a tool to evaluate the “keywords” competition, search volume(specify or worldwide), trends etc based on google databases. it is very useful for website seo and google ppc, according information mentioned, you decide which keywords is right to optimize and advertise.
what better to get traffic? of cause it is seo, it can be free in a sense.

I would like to point your misconception about Google Adwords. Google Adwords is not just the keyword tool, it is the PPC program designed by google for advertisers. It is one of the biggest PPC program in today’s internet marketing. Google keyword tool is one of the tools in the Google Adwords program to know the keyword search count and related keyword options.


You are almost completely correct. Thank you for pointing this out.

Just one correction: the keywords tool is a tool in AdWords, not AdSense. It’s easy to confuse these. AdWords is for advertisers; AdSense is for publishers. (For more on this point, see: AdSense? AdWords? What’s the difference? )


Thanks, it is my mistake, keywords tool is a part of google adwords and I was talking about it. Thanks again.


Sorry, my mistake. You did indeed refer to AdWords, not AdSense. I don’t know why I thought otherwise. Maybe I just got up too early this morning.