Google Adwords or Link Building

Which method is more efficient to generate long term traffics, Google Adwords or Link Building? My website is stable now and would like to spend some budget on web promotion to increase page traffic from 30 users to 500 users daily.

Google Adwords is to generate instant traffic and bring unique visitors to your website. this is very costly method but very effective to get instant traffic. while link building technique takes time but it gives long term results too and it is very much cheap.

I read one of article in which it was mentioned that link building will increase your website reputation but if you want to increase your website traffic then you need to add fresh content on regular basis to increase your appearance on SERP.

Link Building is best then google adwords cuz adwords little bit costly i suggest you …try make backlinks its more better and long time …

The more reputable your site is the more organic visitors it will attract. Furthermore, yes, adding unique content on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis will increase your website presence. For that reason, and other, people tend to add a blog to the domain. Thus their unique content comes from the blog posts.

I will advice you to go for link building but make sure you build links from some high quality websites.

Adwords is also a choice but you need to spend more and sometime conversions are not up to the mark.

Link building is useful for long term while Adwords is for short term but too expensive.

this doesn’t mean you need to update your website. to get traffic to your website you need to promote fresh unique and relevant content containing keywords linked to your website. this will boost your keywords and also bring traffic. higher number of new visitors staying for longer time and visiting various pages of your site, the better is the reputation of your website and domain. link building is important because while ranking your website, Google also looks into the link juice you made. if the links are of higher quality then this will add to your reputation.

Google Adwords are used to select keywords for the paid marketing and also for the SEO. paid marketing is totally different from SEO but the Google Adword is also used to check the competition of the keywords and their monthly traffic. Well, the PPC is much expensive than the SEO because the SEO is free link building while PPC is paid. Both of them are good to generate leads and both of them are necessary for the online business.

agree with this statement with a small remark: Adwords is a source of long term traffic untill you stop refunding your campaign.

As for me, I believe that link building is a more efficient way of gaining reputation and, thus, traffic, whereas google adwords (if not properly managed) is not worth those money spent on it in regard to the reputation and traffic you get.

well, it’s extremely more efficient, since it is WAY cheaper but again you have to know how to do it, or hire someone/some company where in adwords it’s 15-20 minutes and you’ll be getting traffic

Google adwords generate quick results. this is more costly. Your ad will show in paid results or in-organic results in SERP. While link building is a long term technique. It is very cheap & generate organic traffic. This technique takes time to show results.

Google Ad-words and SEO both are opposite.
In Google Ad-words you have to pay to Google for every single click on your text ad and display ad so it is costly method but remember it give the generic users while in SEO it is very cheap methods and gives the long term result but you have to keep updates your website on monthly bases because there are other people who are also doing the same online business as you are doing. So they must think to defeat you.


Definitely link building!
Google adword’s result is for paid time only. If you will stop to pay, your website will go back. But backlink is real rank generating process.

It depends upon your budget, if you have money to spend and want result in shorter period of time then Adwords is the best,link building is good for adding weightage to the website and it will help the site in the long run and it is less costly than Adwords .

I agree with you… still I want to add some lines…
Google Adwords provide instant result and stop when you stop paying… but thread writer asking about long term results… look at starting thread-

So for long term results only Link Building is efficient. For example if you have ‘X’ amount to spend and can buy ads from this for ‘Y’ days. what after amount that?
In case of SEO you will get result when you will stop paying too.

Thanks everyone for your valuable posts. Its clear now and I decided to avoid paying for Adwords as It will not help my website in long term traffic.

Thanks for telling us your decision, taranum. :slight_smile:

I’ll close this thread now before it starts to fill up with fluff.