Google ad problem on this forum

Using Eclipse there is a Vertical Google ad at the bottom centre of the page and not only does it obscure the page but I can not select the “Dismiss” button on the new posts page. From memory it started sometime last week.

@mrlagmer: are you aware of this issue?

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Should have added a screen shot but on my works PC and I do not have all the tools I have on my PC:


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As of lunchtime today it was still not fixed. Strange as I would guess all that needs doing is changing the specified ad to a horizontal format.

Think it’s a bit more than that. It’s still doing it occaisionally for me too, and instead of the standard <div> item being brought up when it’s inspected, it brings up an <ins> element with (for me at least, N5371.288332.ACCUEN.COM/B22519684.244195055 listed in its data map.

I get it all the time at work and makes the forum hard to use. At home I installed an adblocker last year and so can use the forum.

I seem to remember having this problem before a year or so ago.

Thanks for the heads-up on this @Rubble (I haven’t seen it as I have an an ad-blocker, also). This should now be fixed. Let us know if not, though.


Looks good to me now @Simon_Mackie


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