Good Website Design Tips

First impressions last

First impressions last. Did you ever hear this English proverb? If you didn’t then it is time that you pay attention. A group of researchers at Carleton University in Ontario came to a very shocking yet interesting finding and that is the majority of internet users take less than a second to decide whether they like a website or not!

In a blink of an eye

Scientific research proved that it takes a blink of an eye for a website visitor to assess a website’s visual appeal. Before taking time to read the content, a process called aesthetic appeal: dealing with beauty and taste is triggered by the subconscious to prompt the brain to judge whether the website looks initially good or not. If yes, the user will continue checking the website, if no, the back button is always there to click.

There you go. You have less than a second to lure your website visitor into staying, checking out your website and reading your message and content. I would argue that this first impression is very much the last impression but I think you already figured that out. So what are you going to do about it?

Now that I have your attention, you must be thinking “This is a lost fight. I might as well give it up!” wait, you don’t have to do that.

What do users “scan” in this one second?

A typical user will check your website design visuals: the layout, the color scheme, the font, the buttons, distribution of content and images in that split of a second. Not necessarily in that same order but these are some of the elements that affect his / her decision to stay longer or leave.

Yeah, I am a newbie, primarily wanting to start a writing career. I want to set up a site using any of the free blogs, customize it so it looks flashy, catering to the visual appeal thing. What are my options, how can I customize a blog’s look and feel, is there a way to do so at all?

Also wondering, How can you start a business , with a blog, question may sound naive, stupid, but I am new to this world of blogging

For users to view ur website again and again, and get more n more knwledge the website should be made attarctive enough to grab user’s attention and also necessarily it should all the content which users need for them regarding the organization or product.

Good Website Design Tips:
1)Keep your focus on fast pages.
2)Keep your pages short, but not too short
3)Good navigation on your websites is critical
4)Keep images small and use sprites whenever possible
5)Use appropriate colors.
6)Write as globally as you can.
7)Check your spelling and grammar.
8)Keep links current.
9)Annotate your links.
10)Put contact information on your pages.

it is very true. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. A website with good graphics, pleasing colors, fonts and user friendly features will make a lasting impression on the users. Content is important but the visual appeal of website is also very important.

Website design is difficult job to do because the design that you made for the business may help the business or may not. So when we design the website we have to keep in mind that for what purpose we are designing it and also the most thing is that it should be attractive and simple to understand by the user.

a site that is easy to navigate, load fast, and most importantly have TRAFFIC…

you can have the most beautiful website on the planet, if nobody visit your site… it’s useless as well.

Website design is the biggest tool of an organization that helps it to interact with its target customers. A good website must be :

  1. The website design must be unambiguous look
  2. Simplicity of the website
  3. Placing good content ( Font style and size )
  4. Good navigation on the website
  5. Avoid annoying images
  6. Good use of graphics
  7. Making things easily available
  8. Maintaining consistent design
  9. Proper spelling and grammar
  10. Put contact information on your pages.
  11. Fast loading
  12. Do not overuse javascript
  13. Avoid captchas

A clean layout that uses a lot of white space enhances a site’s look and readability and make sure the website is compatible with all browser.

We know that important thing for big brand. Here is useful tip How set our Web sites Design.

Show Related Color.
In Logo Show your Product.
In front page show some Images Related to your Product.
After that thing you need to share content with Product Images.
Must be use Adobe Photoshop if you want to Quick links.

Make website with step by step like frist header and than below that ur layout look nice and clean