Good SEO Reporting Tools (NOT KeyWord Researh etc)


I come across Internet Business Promoter. it looks like a good tool but it is VERY expensive.

The only thing it looks good for is you can do really good reports with nice graphs etc.

This would be good to run reports on potential clients sites to send them - in order to generate new business.

I dont want to buy it as thats the only part i would use.
Do you guys know of any software which is just one application that can do in depth site anaysis’s that i can then print and send to prospetive clients?

Google Analytics is good. You can even print them in .pdf format:

Gogole analytic is the best and favorite of all SEO experts. Well statcounter is also good.

Well Google Analytic doesn’t provide any SEO site analysis. What this guy means is to get a tool that crawls a website and checks it on established SEO standards, and blasts out a report with recommendations etc

You can certainly Google for “online SEO website analysis” or “SEO website review” and or host of others. I came across websitegrader and linkvendor 2 years ago and found them quite impressive.


You can set up “goals” to measure key areas of “SEO” such as successful leads, conversions and sales.

For reporting I used a tool called Advanced Web Ranker. It’s a few hundred dollars per year but the reports look great.

Actually Google analytics is one of the free tools which accurate. Nice tool.