Good screen-size to choose for dev?

What is a good screen-size to choose when developing a new mobile app or a responsive website?

I am doing some screen mockups for a friend, and I want to choose a screen-size that would be fairly common so that my initial mock-ups will cater to most smart devices…

Short answer: None

Do RWD already. If you had started on this when you first started asking you would likely be there by now!

I chose 320 x 480 for now - least common denominator?

I appreciate the encouragement, but I have spent the last two weeks sitting down doing finances and looking for odd jobs to make money. Hardly a time to casually pick up RWD.

I am looking for a way to make money to feed my family right now…

And this friend who needs help might be able to get me a few bucks if my presentation impresses tomorrow.

I only wish I had the luxury of learning RWD right now.

Exactly my point

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320x480 is fine as long as you realize that when you design this site, you must think of how this site will look at all resolutions. 280 wdth, 330, 380, 490, 500, 550, etc etc etc etc etc.

Maybe the question should be: What is the minimum screen size I want to cater for?
A good RWD should work on any size. But there has to be a cut-off point where you say, this is silly, I don’t need to go any smaller than this. 320px width is reasonable.

I would agree with the general statement of “none”, but what I really think you should take a close look at, is the pre-set size options available inside most browsers’ Dev Tools. OK, it’s not exactly the same thing as having an actual device in your hand (with its inbuilt browser), it will give you a really good start point to work within. One of them (can’t recall which) even gives you the ability to simulate the effect of being bandwidth constrained, as you would be if you were using a 3/4G signal, rather than a WiFi or wired connection.

Mine :slight_smile:

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No, MINE! Or both. Or everyones.

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