Good non-linear movies to watch

I have seen this cool non-linear movie “Pulp Fiction” a black comedy that is themed for mobs and hit men. Looking forward to watch more of these. Any suggestions folks?

Memento immediately comes to mind. It’s a kind of psychological thriller about a man with amnesia who loses his memory every five minutes. There are two different threads throughout the film: one which runs in chronological order, and the other which runs in reverse order, and they come together for the twist ending. It’s a really good movie.

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Couple of questions: 1. what is a “non-linear movie”. 2. you wanna tell me you just saw Pulp Fiction now???

I think what the OP means is a movie where the scenes are not in chronological order.

I can’t answer for the OP, but it is possible if they are"younger" that they were too young to watch, or even not born when it was released.

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Mr. Nobody
Vanilla Sky
Into the Wild
Reservoir Dogs

I’m just picking stuff off of Google’s list that I’ve seen and would suggest… which I’m really surprised even exists for this. Google is getting too smart.

Then also Bronson is loosely nonlinear. It’s one of my favorite movies. Tom Hardy is freaking fantastic.

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