Good news for writers

One of the problems with online writing (probably any writing) is going back and forth between documents and/or planning several pages of a project. A friend put me on to a great application that solves this problem and does a whole lot more. Scrivener is available for Windows, Mac, and in beta for Linux. I’m using the beta and it works like a charm. Great tutorial to get you started, too!

You’re right about the software. I could see its potential. That MathType feature can come in handy if you do something “mathematical” in your document. I’m not sure of the trial offer. Does it have time limits or usage limits?

I just reached out to Scrivener . I have read about it. Its has lot of functions. I am going to use it as trial basis. If it will work properly and will accomplish the requirement of a content writer then I will purchase it. Its looking really awesome.

Thanks for sharing useful and I will back here after testing. I will share my experience with Scrivener

You’re welcome. I’m halfway through the tutorial and this program continues to amaze me. It has everything I have wanted for the last ten years and MORE. I have never been this thrilled by a piece of software.