Good content for a logged-in area for web design clients?


I have just redesigned my site on a CMS and am thinking about making a Client Login area where people can see content such as the progress of their website as it is built. I feel a need to involve clients more in the process, since I am often making their website from a different city.

For example, several pizza joints now let you order on their website and see the progress of your order as it is being made. I’m sure it is totally inaccurate, but at least it gives the user a sense that they are involved. :smiley:

Has anybody tried this yet? Is it a great idea or a terrible one?

If you have done it, what is a good idea for content on these pages? I was thinking of putting any past quotes/invoices, but I’m sure that there could be better content than that.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have never tried anything like that, but it sounds like a fun and interactive way to engage the visitor. I’d give it a try. What have you got to lose?

I’ve found it to make the client feel like they are actually a part of the process and are getting updated along the way. They in turn become happier and more satisfied with you.

As for the content, past invoices is a good idea. Probably the most important piece of content you’d want to include though would be actual updates regarding where their site is at and how long you think it’ll take until you’re done.