Godaddy's new look

Do you like GoDaddy’s new look?

Has it changed? Looks pretty much the same to me.

Yeah I see a change in the top banner and logo, the logo looks better now. You can check out the older version here

Hmm, seems a backward step to me. That header seems to have no order or focus any more.

It looks a lot more professional. Still upselling everything, but at least it doesn’t look as cheap

It certainly is cleaner, however I’ve never been overall happy with godaddys services. & FTW!

I am currently with Godaddy and have not noticed any appreciable difference. Navigating the site is slowm not intuitive and difficult to find the majority of features. Woe betide you if you happen to click the wrong button…

Oh how I wished I had Cpanel again.

Yes! I like it’s new look. Now It’s looking more proficient.