Godaddy Dedicated or Softlayer Specials

i am looking to buy dedicated servers for my site.
but m confused between
godaddy dedicated servers and softlayer special
can’t decide which one to use, can anyone suggest which one to use

Godaddy does not offer web hosting as a primary service. It’s simply an upsell. It’s highly discouraged to go that route. However, there’s nothing wrong with them when used just as a domain registrar.

I can’t comment on softlayer, as I’ve never heard of them.

What country are you in and/or what country are the majority of your visitors in?

GoDaddy does actually offer webhosting as a primary service, but yes, they will try to upsell you anything and everything under the sun. SoftLayer is very well known for dedicated servers- Mostly known for their strong network and automation services. Two very different companies. It really depends on your needs as to which one would be ‘the best’.

What’s important you to in selecting a dedicated server provider? Are you looking to admin the server on your own?


GoDaddy began as a registrar and that continues to be their main line of business. By reputation they excel as a registrar.

Similarly, they are learning about hosting (as an upsell mechanism which for which they are reputed to be obnoxious, over-promise, under-deliver and don’t honor their refund guarantee) but, by reputation, have made clients miserable with their poor service, lack of features, often non-existant responses to problems, etc.

Therefore, based on long standing reputation (I’ve managed to avoid them so it IS by reputation rather than personal knowledge) of being a horrid host, I’ll echo FF’s “highly discouraged” comment and actually amplify on it from years monitoring the hosting board. Go find a good host and you’ll be glad you did.



I wouldn’t go with GoDaddy. Had a server with them last year and had nothing but performance problems. When I would talk with support, they would try to up sell me a bigger server. Changed companies to the exact same spec server and have way better performance than I ever had with GoDaddy.

Godaddy does not have a good reputation for hosting. They up charge for everything and you have to use their own control panel vs. the industry standard cPanel. There are some good mid sized companies across the industry and although dedicated servers are still on the pricey side they have become less costly recently. I would suggest looking at some of the well reviewed hosting companies that have been in business for ten or more years. They usually have good hands on customer service and still treat the client as a person and not just another order number.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Godaddy originally support SOPA? I try to stay away from any corporation that encourages private control of the internet, I think you should too!

Godaddy is not the cheapest but Ive been with them for 8 years now and have nothing bad to say about them. They helped me in the early stages when i didnt know crap and now they are helping me with code so im gonna stay with them.

Good Luck

OMG! That’s a first!

realpva, please identify the type of account you have with them, i.e., basic webhosting, reseller hosting, VPS, dedicated. I’m not trying to be a SA, just interested as I’ve not seen a good review of GoDaddy (as a host - they’re reputed to be fine as a registrar) until yours.