Go anywhere and see what people posted on social media

We made round.io - A site that allow you to go anywhere in the world through a map/search and see what people posted there within a given radius. We hope it can be a nice addition to travel sites, and the idea is to make it possible to take mini vacations from your desktop.

The site is made mobile first, and are meant to work on all devices. We plan to build an app for both iOS and Android too at some stage, if we succeed in getting enough usage within the next months. We also plan to connect more data.

Have a look :smile:

That’s quite a nice effort! A couple of things I’d suggest:

  1. It would be good to give some kind of reason for the sign up / login form. It’s not really clear why I would sign up or what advantage that brings. (Presumably to be able to post, but still, it’s always good to be clear about these things.)

  2. I was looking around for more information, but it was quite a while before I discovered the faded hamburger top left. It doesn’t really stand out and doesn’t server you well, IMHO. Why not put the word “Menu” there, just to be clear? Likewise, the pencil on the other side means nothing as is (it doesn’t even have a title on hover). It’s best to give some explanation, rather than just hope people will click and discover. (People like me won’t. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Great tips, @ralphm, thanks! :smile:

Will definetly take your suggestions into concideration when upgrading the GUI. For now, there’s really not much more than the ability to post stuff as a benefit when signing up, but we will for sure develop more functionality and reasons to sign up soon.

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