Giving another developer access to my test environment

I use MAMP Pro and have a few virtual servers setup for the various websites that I test and develop at home. Now I’m in the need to open this up to a hired developer to help me work on a project. I use DDNS through the free service that offers so the developer can now see my webpage when he goes to The one thing left that I need to configure is a way for him to be able to FTP directly to the files in my test environment here on my iMac. I’ve done quite a bit of searching online, but haven’t found a useful tutorial. I would love to find an easy to use FTP Server app, where I can configure what users can login and what directories they have access to, but no luck.

Can you anyone help point me in the right direction?


I know this isn’t helpful, but my blunt honest answer is that I would never do this, especially if you don’t know and trust the person. Why can’t you just throw things onto a VPS somewhere? Or share the files via Dropbox or something, and have them set up their own local dev environment?

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