Give me Feedback on my VAT calculator website

Please critique and provide feedback regarding my online vat calculator website I’ve just finished building. Can you think of any improvements to make it easier to use, etc.? I would appreciate any constructive criticism you may have. Thank you!

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Nobody is going to use your website for calculating VAT.

The information on VAT legislation is inadequate for any business registered for VAT.

‘Food – excluding meals at restaurants’ within zero-rated products is very misleading.

You can use JavaScript to calculate VAT on your website. You shouldn’t need to use a widget from another website.

Does the world really need another online VAT calculator? Calculating VAT is simple enough, and I can’t imagine anyone who works with VAT needing a section on how to use a calculator.

If the default VAT rate is 20%, why does your example use 21% ?

Given the currency in the UK is £ why do you have an example using $ ?

If I needed help with VAT I would rather trust my account for advice rather than a random website which might or might not be accurate.


Purely a visual comment, I do like the calconic calculator slider/counter — nifty.

For starters, your website is parsing markdown, and so is eating your *'s and turning the text italic.

Second of all, you parenthesise the outer multiplication, but rely on people to intuit PEMDAS on the interior addition-plus-division.

Next, if you’re going to copy text from HMRC, you should probably copy it correctly, and list a Reduced rate, rather than a Reduce rate.

Why does your VAT calculator page go on about the history of VAT, a FAQ on VAT, and a random top-10 list of unknown VAT facts that probably belongs on a blog article rather than the calculation page? Focus your page subject.

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More to the point you had better make sure you have permission to use it. The HMRC website is Crown copyright. Of all organisations you don’t want HMRC coming after you for copyright infringement.

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Everything is fine for me, the only thing that in my POV isn’t good, and that is font, you should try Poppins, Montserrat or Open Sans they are really good font.

It’s only my opinion.