Github, making an Github api request on behalf of my customer


I am making a webapp in PHP where my customers can add their github account (just one time) and they can see the PULL request of their organization/repo in my web app.

The github pull request api document says that to consume the pull request api one needs to be an owner. By owner I am assuming that the person needs to be the admin of his github account and not just a contributor.

I do not understand how handles this. When I login into my geckoboard account and i add github service with my githhub account, i can see my repo pull request (for which i am just a contributor)

So I have the following questions here:

  1. How do I make a github api request to fetch pull request details of my customer’s repo?

  2. Is there anyway I can fetch my customer’s pull request details of his repo even if he is not the owner and just a contributor?


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